How to look at your manuscripts through the eyes of a reviewer?



At TIPS journal club meeting held on March 04, 2019, the topic of “How to look at your manuscripts through the eyes of a reviewer?” was presented by Dr. M. Daghighi. A brief summary of this presentation is in below.
Reviewers see whether the paper is within the scope of the journal, whether the science is good, and whether the paper meets the conceptual novelty standards of the journal. At a manuscript text level, one of the reviewer's priorities is to check the article's internal consistency. By that, it means that do the method and results match? Do the results and conclusion match? A common weakness is that the different sections appear to have been written independently of each other. If the paper is cohesive it is elevated to a whole new level. Other items are that they concentrate on the writing and presentation. The science might be great, but heavy composition and messy structure might bog down the main message. The reviewers may suggest to the authors how to make the story more cohesive and tightly reasoned.