Predicting Alzheimer's Disease using Machine Learning



At the TIPS journal club meeting held on April 15, 2019, a topic on  “Predicting Alzheimer's Disease using Machine Learning’’ was presented by M. AlJasem, MD-MPH student. A brief summary of this presentation is in below.
In this session we have walked through the history of artificial intelligence and how it evolved to be a cornerstone of many of the services we are using in our daily life although these application were considered to be science fiction few decades ago.
Then we have discussed the best ways to start a career in the field of artificial intelligence.
Before diving into the main topic , a short review of the pathophysiology of Alzheimer's Disease was presented for the audiences.
In the last part of this session , Project ENZAIR was introduced, and the way it works to make early prediction on the probability of getting Alzheimer's Disease just by feeding it a MRI scan and some other information such as gender and and educational level.
The presentation was followed by warm discussion in which the presenter answered the questions of the attendees.