Oxidative stress vs Antioxidants



On 9th October 2017, in journal club meeting, the topic “Oxidative stress vs Antioxidants” was discussed. The imbalance between oxidants production and anti-oxidant, potentially leading to the tissue damage, termed as oxidative stress. The oxidants are formed in the body as a normal product of aerobic metabolism but also it can be produced at elevated rates under normal pathological conditions. There are several strategies involved in the antioxidant defense both enzymatic and non-enzymatic. In the liquid phase, tocopherols and carotenes, as well as oxy-carotenoids, are of interest as are vitamin A and ubiquinols. In the aqueous phase, there are ascorbate, glutathione and other compounds. In addition to the cytosol, the nuclear and mitochondrial matrices and extracellular fluids are protected. The controversial role of antioxidants in cancer chemotherapy was discussed.