TIPS of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences

The Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (TIPS) is a new name for Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center (PSRC) which was officially launched from February 2018. Drug Design and Development Research Center, and Pharmaceutics Quality Assurance Research Center, Pharmaceutical Management and Economics Research Center are three joint research centers of TIPS. TIPS tries to spread interest in research among students, to recruit and support researchers ...

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مرکز رشد فناوری سلامت شعبه پژوهشکده علوم دارویی راه اندازی شد

مراسم افتتاح مرکز رشد فناوری سلامت شعبه پژوهشکده علوم دارویی با حضور دکتر منظم اسماعیل پور، مدیر توسعه فناوری و ارتباط با صنعت، دکتر اکبرعبداللهی اصل، سرپرست مرکز رشد فناوری سلامت و دکتر محمد عبداللهی رئیس پژوهشکده علوم دارویی برگزار شد.

Journal Clubs

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    Fusion of MSCs with β-cells results in a b-cell like phenotype

    At TIPS journal club meeting held on May 20, 2019, Dr. Zahra Azizi, assistant professor of School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine (TUMS), presented a topic of “Fusion of MSCs with β-cells results in a b-cell like phenotype’’. The successful cell fusion can lead to stable functional β-cell like cells. By electrofusion of immortal human PANC-1 epithelial cells with human pancreatic islets a functional human beta cell line can be established. By combining the multipotent, anti-apoptotic, immunogenic and tissue repair capacity of the MSCs with the beta cell specific insulin production, a stable novel beta cell type is established. This project describes an optimized virus-free cell fusion protocol and produced β-MSC heterokaryons by fusion of human MSCs with rat INS-1E cells or with dispersed human islet cells to generate differentiated β-MSCs.

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    At TIPS journal club meeting held on June 03, 2019, Dr. I. Moazzeni, commercialization officer of TUMS Industry Relations office presented some useful information about commercialization of pharmaceutical products.

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    Expression of Hepcidin and role of Erythropoitein in sepsis

    At TIPS journal club meeting held on June 17, 2019 protective role of Hepcidin in sepsis through regulating iron balance was discussed. In addition, roles played by Erythropoietin during sepsis and its potential therapeutic role in the management of sepsis were reviewed.

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    In Vitro and in vivo biological evaluations of Medical Devices

    At TIPS journal club meeting held on 24.06.2019, the biological evaluation of medical devices was presented by S. Mohammadi Nejad. The market of medical device (global market and country market) and importance of biological safety were explained. The whole process of medical device manufacturing, the importance of pre-clinical evaluations and the related standards to the medical device industry, specially the ISO 10993, were described. With an overview to the cytoxicity and genotoxicity assays, the role of TIPS in regulatory testing was discussed.