Journal club Schedule 2020-2021 (1399)



Journal club Schedule 2020-2021 (1399)  

 The Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (TIPS)



  • Time: sharp at 09.00 till 10.00 AM.
  • Journal clubs and scientific meetings are obligatory.
  • (Late) cancellations are not accepted.
  • Presentations take place in English (under the request of presenter and agreement of PI, Persian might be possible).
  • Presenter should send presentation title at least 2 days before presentation time.
  • Sessions are for presenting of the speaker own data but not only for presenting final stories, but also for failures, hot topic papers (PI approval), new ideas and also for getting together.
  • Speakers are kindly requested to write a summary of their talk.
  • If speaker cannot be present, he or she should find a replacement.
  • Time management: 40 minutes per presenter, during presentation only clarification questions (no discussions or suggestions) discussion after the talk max 20 min.



M. Hodjat

Circular RNAs: Promising Biomarkers for Human Diseases

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia E. Mazaheri The impact of corona crisis on work and life in Italy 99/01/25
TIPS F. Maleki An introduction to computer-based education and production of a computer game-simulation for community pharmacy 99/02/01


T. Mousavi

Copyright Transfer Statement 99/02/08
University of Lethbridge, Calgary, Canada E. Karami How social context affects individual’s decision-making process to believe in false information and what are the neural correlates of it? 99/02/15


Sh. Mazzafari

Application and impact of human dose projection from discovery to early drug development 99/02/22
TIPS Sh. Moeeni Covid-19: How Canadians deal with the outbreak 99/02/29
- - Holiday 99/03/05
  A. Koliai The trend of new drug candidates against covid 19 99/03/12
Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmaceutical Administration (TUMS) H. Hajimiri The research and development in Iranian pharmaceutical industry: interactive models 99/03/19
TIPS S. Mohammadi Nejad Mixture Toxicity 99/03/26
TIPS MA. Rezvanfar Factors affecting choice of successful pharmacutical product 99/04/02
TIPS S. Fathi Pharmaceutical applications of biomedical imaging 99/04/09
TIPS M. Samadi The role of Taurine on chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity 99/04/16
TIPS SM. Daghighi Bio-optical imaging in pre-clinical researches 99/04/23
  S. Kopaiee Malek Recent Sample preparation methods in pharmaceutical analysis 99/04/30
- - No Journal Club 99/05/00
- - No Journal Club 99/06/03
- - No Journal Club 99/06/10

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