Reaxys and its applications



On 17th of April 2017, journal club meeting, the topic “Reaxys and its applications” was discussed. Reaxys is a search engine that helps researchers, students, industry personnel’s and others working in chemistry and related areas retrieve relevant chemical literature, experimental protocols, patent information and standard compound properties. There are various filter options to specify properties, limit the items and compare the search to fit a category of the particular substance of interest. Besides, the reaxys is a subscriber website that provides service to a wide range of customers. Reaxys medicinal chemistry (RMC) is a new feature comprising search options to access information related to biological activity, drug targets, various drug data including pharmacological and toxicology details drugs and other important molecules at different stages of drug development. On the other hand, reaxys natural products (RNP) are an alternative search tool to RMC that is designed to obtain data on properties of isolated natural products and their derivatives.