Anti-Tumor Vaccines



On 15th May 2017, journal club meeting, the topic “Anti-Tumor Vaccines?” was discussed. In general, there are two types of cancer vaccines. The first is the prophylactic vaccine, which just like any kind of conventional vaccine is given to a person before cancer emerges to protect a person against further cancer. This type of cancer vaccines was successful to be launched to the market and there are some available products in this field, including Gardasil and Cervix against cervical cancer and HBS Ag Vaccine against hepatocellular carcinoma. If the researchers to design appropriate vaccines against H. pylori results in success, we can be hopeful to protect people against stomach cancer by vaccination in the future. The cancer prophylactic vaccines, in fact, protect the body against a specific cause of cancer not against cancer which emerged due to other reasons. In the case of cervical cancer, a prophylactic vaccine can immunize the body against papillomavirus infection, which if left untreated can cause subsequent cancer. About the hepatocellular carcinoma, the scenario is the same. The second type of cancer vaccine is therapeutic vaccines, which are given to patients who have already been diagnosed with cancer. Tumor cell, Peptides, Anti-idiotypic vaccines, DNA Vaccines and dendritic cell-based vaccine are different approaches in this category. There are some clinically available examples of cancer therapeutic vaccines, including OncoVax, Sipuleucel-T, and CimaVaxEGF. Although cancer vaccines are new in the treatment setting of cancer, maybe they will be the future of cancer treatments.