Anesthesia and euthanasia in laboratory animals



At TIPS journal club meeting held virtually on December 21, 2020, the topic of “Anesthesia and euthanasia in laboratory animals" was presented by Dr. S. Noorbakhsh. Some of the critical points that according to ethical guidelines on the use of laboratory animals discussed in this meeting are summarized below:
- Use of compounds like Ketamine and Xylazine and Acepromazine and other anesthetics combination to induce deep state of anesthesia for major surgical procedure on common laboratory animal species.
- Use of anesthetics combinations for longer time anesthesia.
- Use of Sodium Pentobarbital or Thiopental for ethical and human euthanasia in mouse and rat. Some combinations with a concentration of 3 to 5 times higher than what is used for anesthesia also might be used for animal laboratory human endpoint.